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Discreet & Clear

Invisalign is virtually invisible and made of a clear material that easily blends in with your natural teeth and doesn’t stand out the way conventional braces do. This makes them ideal for the people who prefer a low-key type of dental treatment.


The aligners are carefully custom-made to fit your needs. Our dentist at Effingham Dental Group will guide you through the process of making your aligners and answer any questions you may have during the Initial consultation.  


Conventional metal braces can often trap food in its brackets or hard to reach places in the mouth, resulting in patients having to perform a more careful oral cleaning during treatment. Invisalign is built to be removable, which makes it easier for patients to enjoy food and drink as they can easily remove the aligners before eating or drinking. Unlike conventional braces, you can also remove Invisalign aligners on a special occasion or while taking pictures, and even when you do wear the aligners, they are clear, making them less noticeable than metal braces. Just make sure to reinsert the aligners back in place as it can take longer to align teeth if they are constantly being removed.

Treatment Time

This varies from patient to patient depending on the misalignment you are experiencing. Talk to our dentist to find out how long this process will take in your specific case.        

Provides Comfort

The clear and smooth material makes it a comfortable choice. With no metal rubbing against your inner cheeks or lips, the feeling is very different than wearing conventional metal braces.


Invisalign aligners require maintenance just like other braces do. Whenever you take off the aligners, make sure you brush them properly under warm water before putting them on again. This prevents and removes any residual bacteria.   


If you are uneasy about the possible release of toxins that metal braces could provide, you will have peace of mind in knowing that Invisalign is BPA-free.

Efficient Results

Many who have used Invisalign have reported great results in the alignment of their teeth. It is a method that has proven efficient and convenient and thus has increased in popularity among those looking for a straight smile.

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